PATH Ventures Housing Development and Services

Our Work

Affordable Housing Development

PV is one of the few organizations in the region that combines the knowledge, skill and experience to both create project-based supportive housing, and also provide the services that are integral to supportive housing. Lead by a senior management team with over 35 years of combined experience in affordable housing development, combined with the knowledge and skill of one of the largest and most effective homeless services organizations in the region, PV has the capacity to create and operate high quality permanent supportive housing.

This capacity is built upon the experience of PV’s Executive Director, Amy Anderson, and Managing Director of Real Estate Development, Allison Riley, who, combined, have directly developed over 1,400 affordable housing units and have participated in the development of an additional 2,500 units.

Since 2010, PV in collaboration with partners, has completed eleven affordable housing communities totaling over 650 units. In addition, PV has over 300 units under construction and 3 projects in the development pipeline with its partners. PV has experience working with a range of financing sources from city, county and state lenders to private funders.

Supportive Service Provider

PATH Ventures provides high-quality and effective services that successfully result in long-term stability for our tenants. PATH Ventures provides services at eleven supportive and affordable housing developments, serving homeless individuals and families including Veterans, seniors, and those with special needs. Our services include intensive case management, links to health care, mental health counseling, substance abuse counseling, life skills workshops, employment assistance, and resources for education and training.

We use an integrated care approach that includes accessible and Housing First strategies, coupled with culturally appropriate, recovery-oriented health services designed to reduce barriers to housing stability. Our programs support residents’ independence and ability to live in the least restrictive environment for as long as possible. In order to provide this level of individualized, client-centered, supportive services, case managers provide on-site services, as well as coordinate residents’ access to any off-site community-based health or social services needed to gain stability. All services emphasize enhancing the residents’ quality of life and include community building activities and events to help residents develop a local support network and increase self-sufficiency skills. Services are delivered by full-time, on-site case managers and resident service coordinators.

On-site service staff creatively engage all residents, often on a daily basis, to provide information about available services. Because fostering trusting relationships with residents is crucial to our work, case managers spend one-on-one time with residents each week focused on building rapport, making assessments, goal planning, and establishing housing stability. As residents actively engage in services, increase their ability to coordinate their own care, and become stable in their home, appointments with case managers may decrease. This gives residents opportunities to practice newly learned skills, build confidence, and improve self-sufficiency. Our case management services are flexible and individualized to each resident.