People Assisting The Homeless (PATH) Statement on LAHSA PITC 2022 Data

California — “LAHSA’s 2022 Homeless Count data confirms what PATH team members and our community witness every day: that homelessness has increased. This upward trend mirrors what we’re seeing in many other regions in California and reflects the rising cost of housing throughout the state. Inflation has also intensified the problem, rent has increased at its fastest rate since the 1980’s, putting homes out of reach for more individuals and families.  

It is important to note that unsheltered homelessness in Los Angeles County has gone down and the pandemic could have resulted in a massive increase in homelessness overall. Initiatives such as Project Roomkey, Project Homekey and emergency funding for services have proved that when you properly resource this crisis, we see results. We must make sure that people can connect to interim housing and a range of supportive services, but at the end of the day if the affordable housing stock is not there, people will either remain in shelters or outdoors, with no permanent home in sight.  

We know what works to end homelessness – access to affordable housing and necessary services. When we properly resource proven solutions, we see results. I hope this data helps us better understand the causes and solutions of homelessness, and advocate for more of what our unhoused neighbors so desperately need.”  

– Jennifer Hark Dietz, PATH CEO

About PATH
Founded in 1984, PATH is committed to ending homelessness for individuals, families, and communities in California. We do this by building affordable supportive housing and providing homeless services in more than 150 cities across the state. Our services support nearly 20 percent of the state’s population experiencing homelessness. Since 2013, PATH has helped more than 12,800 people move into permanent homes. More information at 

For more information, please contact Tyler Renner, Director of Media, at (619) 712-9121.