Over the last few weeks, several counties across the state have released results from their 2020 Point-In-Time Counts, providing a census of the homeless population in California. The data collected from these counts helps direct resources where they are needed most, and plays a vital role in understanding the state of homelessness in each community.

The results from the counties we serve:

*These results are from 2019, as some counties in California conduct a point-in-time count every two years.

Across California, there has been an increase in the number of people experiencing homelessness. This can be attributed to skyrocketing rents, systemic racism, a low increase in hourly wages, shortage of affordable housing, and lack of resources.

PATH works to address these issues by providing interim housing, helping program participants increase their incomes through employment and benefits advocacy, and engaging in robust partnerships with property owners through our LeaseUp initiative. We also build affordable apartment communities through PATH Ventures, advocate for housing and mental health policy changes, and speak out against racial inequities through Listen, Learn, and Lead, our internal guide for promoting long-term systemic change.

Despite these sobering numbers, PATH is making progress towards ending homelessness for thousands of Californians every year. In the last year alone, PATH has served 20% of California’s homeless population, and moved more than 1,800 people off the streets and into permanent homes.

Please help our homeless neighbors move into homes of their own. Click here to join our movement to end homelessness today!