Every single week, we have dedicated volunteers who give their time and resources to support our neighbors experiencing homelessness. Each month we would like to take the time to recognize the impact, passion, and power of our volunteers from across the state. We are incredibly grateful for their support and would not be able to do the work without them. 


Hillsong: Los Angeles

We are extremely grateful for our volunteers from Hillsong Los Angeles who helped get our newest affordable housing site, PATH Villas South Gate, move in ready! Volunteers from Hillsong helped assemble furniture and created welcome home kits so ensure our residents have all the necessary items they need when they move into their new apartments! We appreciate your dedicated partnership and enjoy your enthusiastic volunteer spirit whenever you visit PATH! Thank you for supporting our mission to end homelessness across the state!


University of San Diego: San Diego

Thank you to USD’s Changemaker Hub, a campus wide initiative that provides opportunities for students to engage in social change, such as homelessness prevention. This past month, we welcomed USD’s student volunteers to learn more about homelessness in their community and how their volunteerism can go a long way in supporting PATH’s mission. Let’s make change together!




Hillsong: Orange County

Special thanks to Hillsong Church in Orange County for their donation of over 35 Welcome Home Kits to support our newly housed clients! Together, they assembled and dropped off donations at both of our interim housing sites, Yale and Placentia Navigation Centers. We are so grateful for our partnership and appreciate the support to your local community!


University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB): Santa Barbara

The neighborhood around PATH Santa Barbara is much cleaner thanks to the students from MedLife, a service group at UCSB. The MedLife team came together this past weekend and walked through the neighborhoods of PATH collecting trash and recyclables. Thank you so much for helping keep our neighborhood and community clean!



San Jose State University: San Jose

As part of an exciting new partnership with San Jose State University’s Cesar Chavez Community Action Center, the Sembradores program brought Halloween fun and festivities to the Evans Lane family shelter in San Jose including pumpkin painting, bingo, DIY decorations and accessories, a photo booth, and an amazing costume distribution.  Thank you Sembradores for making Halloween so special for our families this year!