Hello there!

My name is Sigrid Struben and I am incredibly excited to join PATH San Diego as the new Kitchen and Volunteer Coordinator. I was born in the Netherlands, my citizenship and first language are Dutch, but most of my childhood was spent living in the United States, Suriname, Japan and Indonesia.

Growing up I was able to see a lot of the world and travel to developing countries, gaining experiences from diverse people and cultures. The most valuable belief instilled in me at a young age was the importance of volunteering to help under served populations, particularly the homeless.

My goal is to support all of the amazing work you do with PATH and I will be your contact person regarding all volunteer activities and events. I recently received my MA in Nonprofit Leadership and Management with a focus on volunteer engagement and have been truly inspired by the work that you do here in San Diego to help end homelessness for individuals, families, and communities. I have seen all your service hours donated to the meal program, career center, food donation pickups, depot programs and numerous other off-site support, and I hope to learn as much from you as I can over the coming years.

I believe to effectively address homelessness and its unique challenges nonprofits and volunteers need to build collaborative partnerships and create a shared vision of how to alleviate this issue.

Therefore, I would like to encourage you to assess volunteer program needs and strengths, evaluate the community and operate as a sounding board for PATH. I believe that you all have invaluable knowledge to share and I look forward to getting to know you and what inspires you to make a difference.

As the issue of homelessness continues to grow in San Diego I am very excited to work with you, create a shared vision and strengthen our collaboration to address the fundamental right of all people to have safe and affordable housing. No one should ever have to live on the streets. Thank you for all the work that you do!

Please feel free to email me at sigrids@epath.org or call me at 619-810-8606 to share your insights about what makes PATH’s volunteer programs successful, and where you feel there may be areas for growth and improvement.

Sigrid Struben
Kitchen and Volunteer Coordinator
(619) 810-8606